BlackBerry ‘Night Bikes’ Commercial

If you have seen the BlackBerry Curve commercial, you know to which one I’m referring. If you haven’t seen it, keep an eye out for a commercial where cyclists are night biking with glow-in-the-dark bikes. I’m like a little kid when the ad comes on TV. Maybe it’s the pretty colors. Or possibly because I like sparkly, shiny anything. But I’m more convinced the reason I like this commercial is because I want bikes to continue to evolve. This video makes bikes look cool again in a more advanced, high tech world. Add lights and an IPOD, possibly even a toaster to your bike and not only will you be pretty stylish, but you can also have toast! Ha Ha I love combining my interests- so with the lighted bike it’s the joy of cycling and being seen in the dark, which makes everyone safer, but also starting a trend that could continue to evolve.

I have not seen the original BlackBerry Curve commercial on YouTube to view, but The BlackBerry Review Team explains the company is going to roll with lighted bike videos for other products. Hey, it’s working and the commercial definitely got people talking about BlackBerry again. Whether it can compete with Android and iPhone, is a whole new blog topic that I will not get involved with!

Here is a commercial for the BlackBerry Bold using the same idea.

Another BlackBerry commercial that featured cyclists was for the Torch. I think there is a connection between a using cell phone and commuter cycling. The video shows the phone being used by a legal courier who bikes from place-to-place in San Francisco.

Here is another awesome video with bikes covered in LED lights.

(Not related to BlackBerry, but it makes me excited.)

It looks like the creator of the The Bright Bike video wants to start selling their product very soon. I hope they are successful because I want my bike to glow at night!

What do you think about the BlackBerry “Night Bikes” commercials?

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  1. I so want this for my bike too! Now I have to show it to my husband, because if there’s a way to do it he’ll find it out. Waaaay too cool.

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      • Its actually all computer animated im pretty sure. I want the bike really badly i think it would be ridiculously fun and cool. Sadly though i believe it is all computer, If so someone will figure it out. That being said, i want to know what the program they used to do it with is.

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  4. Hi, 8 Bar Bikes is right. The bikes were painted with fluorescent and phosphorescent paint. And they were all actually glowing! So not animated. But it is quite difficult to paint a bike like that. Also you need to clearpaint it afterwards because otherwise it will get dirty or resolve during rain. Some of the bikes from were laminated with special foil to make them glow. All in all it is not very easy to get a bike like that…

  5. I had put a replly for you earlier in tho post… just found this page that had more…it can be done with powdercoating..the same way bikes are done from the factory.. you can buy kits but you need an oven big enough to put your parts in most can be done in a normal oven at 400 deg but the frame lol thts another story. There are many places localy that do this .bout 200.00 for an entire bike. but if its something you really want. this is the way to go 😉

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