Bike After Dark

Thanks to a reader’s comment on the ‘BlackBerry Night Bikes Commercial’ post, I learned about Bike After Dark.

Katrina said I had to check out, “These awesome in-wheel bike lights from Bike After Dark. When you are biking with them it’s like you are have a Tron bike! Super cool!”

So I went to their website…

And this image repeatedly flashed on the screen sending their message loud and clear.

It’s important for bikes to be seen better at night.

I really like the safety aspect and it seems cool!

Bike After Dark, based in Texas, designed a rechargeable, water-resistant LED light system for bikes. I wonder if it’s easy to install the lights. Check out the Bike After Dark blog and website.

The full wheel costs $69

The half wheel is $39

Here are the details from the website: (I figured I didn’t need to include specs for both full and half. You get the jist. And if not, I linked to their site all over the place. :))

The Fireball Mark II is Bike After Dark’s first creation. It is a rechargeable, water-resistant, LED bike light system that will keep you visible during those awesome night rides. The half wheel pack comes with one Fireball Mark II spoke attachment, 3 installation ties, and a charging cable. The Half Wheel pack weighs 1.5 oz per wheel. (Wall chargers are sold separately!) 

Finally, safety meets cool!!

I found a close up photo of the wheel. Not to say I now understand how it works, but I thought the bike mechanics out there might get it.

The Fireball Mark II light system

This one below is from Facebook. I think it’s the best one yet. If I was to buy these lights, I would definitely want the full wheel.

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  1. Dear Lauren,

    I’m glad to see you take seriously safe, nighttime riding. It’s not enough to be visible; you have to bee seen. And when I met you in Phoenix, you were on your bike, at dusk, about to return to Tempe. (I was in town on business and had just come from Pizzeria Bianco. I was wearing a Baltimore Orioles cap, which your Severna Park origins made you notice.) You had no light on the front or back of your bike, nor were you wearing a reflective vest or jacket. This is progress. Thanks.

    Mr. N.I. Silver
    Bethesda, MD

    • Thanks for your comment. I appreciate that you have read my blog more than once! At least someone is reading it. I think when you saw me my bike light had been recently stolen or I just put it on after you left. I have one I swear!

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